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Studio Viva! brings you top notch dance instructors who are well known in the Chicago-area.
We also offer classes for corporate or private events, and in a studio setting: group and private classes in various locations.

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Our 2022 Group Classes start on January 8, 2022
Classes are on Saturdays
4-week sessions starting EVERY MONTH on the first Saturday of the month
Class schedule:

1 pm Salsa 1 (Salsa for Beginners)
2 pm Bachata 1 (Bachata for Beginners)
3 pm Salsa 2/A (Intermediate Salsa)
4 pm Bachata 2/A (Intermediate Bachata)

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Group Private Lesson

Group Private Lesson/ Choreography Session

For groups who want to take private lessons, or who are preparing for special performances – great variety of styles to match your needs.


We will work with your group for 6-8 weeks to teach beautifully choreographed dances for the occasion.

Please contact us for a quote.

Performance Group Auditions January 16, 2022 3-5 pm

Put your skills to the test, challenge yourself by learning a Bachata choreography in 8 weeks from zero to performance-ready. This is for both men and women. You will meet with the group and the choreographer once a week (sometimes more). There will be multiple performances at the end of the process. The exact dates and locations of the performances are TBA at a later date.

Pre-requirements: at least 6 months of classes or 1 year of social dance experience, and the willingness to NOT MISS any practices.

Cost: $150.00 per person plus costume cost (TBD)

Wedding Dance Lessons

For couples who are preparing for their First Dance – we help you every step of the way, from music selection to polished moves that are executed with grace that allows both you and your guests to enjoy your special day. ANY style of music can be used – this is YOUR day! We will find the dance rhythm to match your selection. Please contact us for a quote.


Gift Certificates for a session of group classes or private lesson packages are available for purchase. They make fabulous gifts for family and friends that you would love to include in the FUN you already have!

  • Salsa
  • Mambo
  • Bachata
  • Cha-Cha
  • Swing
  • Latin Dance Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Wedding Dance

1-Day Curriculum Enrichment Dance Programs

An extremely flexible option to expose students of any age to dance through one of their regularly scheduled class periods.
For the day(s) selected, our instructor(s) teach dance for one of the regular periods in the school day in the assigned room –
A variety of dance styles are available for choosing. We can recommend salsa/bachata/merengue for Latin Club, or Charleston/Swing for PE class.
Kids learn the basics of a dance style as well as dance etiquette that goes hand-in-hand with social interactions and dancing.

Add-on available: Dance performance/demonstration

A Cultural, Musical and Movement
Journey into Performance Art
A 10 to 16 week program designed for high school students, college courses and park district programs.


A Cultural Experience – 10- week program
Students learn about the rich history and origins of Afro-Latin music and
dances. In addition to the history, they will experience the sounds, looks and
roles of various instruments traditionally used in Afro-Latin music.
Discussions will include the geographic migrations and cultural influences of
various ethnicities, and how it is represented in today’s American culture.
One of the main representation is Dance. We will include a variety of dance
forms that correspond with the cultural journey, that students will learn and

Afro-Latin Dances – Performance Art – 16-week program
Students will learn several forms of Afro-Latin dances – including Mambo,
Bachata and more. They will learn an understanding of the rhythms, the role
of instrumentation and how some dances are purely interpretive and
interactive with the live musicians, while others are partner-directed lead and
follow dances, where the music and rhythm are the connecting factors.
Choreography and performance at the end of the program are included in

Afro-Latin Rhythms – 10 -16 week program
Students learn about the rich variety of Latin rhythm instruments, and learn to
play some, such as the clave, the congas, the bongos, the maracas, and
The students who complete this program may accompany the performance
art students in their performance, and participate in the end of semester